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Monday, July 21, 2014

Healthy guidelines to maintaining food nutrition with a smoker

We intake various kind of foods everyday which are full of vitamins and minerals. But researchers and nutrition experts have always stated that more than 60% of the nutrition of our food diminishes while you cook our food on our stove. Because of this reason although we eat a lot of vegetables and non-veg items every day, we are not getting the nutrition which we are actually paying for.

Smokers are a great solution for maintaining food nutrition within the food items. If you are a regular smoker user, then it will be easier for you to get the best out of your meals.

Preparing the food items 

Like everything else in the cooking process, you have some preparation to do to ensure that the maximum amount of preparation is kept in the food.

Here are some valuable tips from the top chefs on how to prepare a food item so that it will have maximum amount of nutrition in it:
  • Always try to buy fresh food items rather than frozen ones. You will have more nutrition and taste from fresh ones then the frozen ones 
  • Don’t wash your meat, fish or veg items to much into the water. 
  • Try to chop the items in as large pieces as possible. 
  • If you are planning to use smokers for cooking, which is always the best way to ensure maximum nutrition, try to follow the per-cooking instruction written in the electric smokers recipes to ensure the perfect taste. 

Maintaining nutrition: the easiest ways 

Taking care of the outer nutrition 

Generally when we cook meat and fish items in a pan with various herbs, most of the nutrition vaporizes. This is not a good thing for the family nutrition at all. So if you are a health conscious individual like me, you should follow the advice of nutrition experts. According to them you should eat more baked or steamed food then fried ones.

For example, you will always get more nutrition in a piece of fish sushi then a piece of fish fry. So, while preparing meals for your family and friends, always try to go for steamed or smoked delicacies rather than deep fried ones. If you are having problem with preparing smoked or boiled food item in your kitchen, then it would be a great idea for you to buy an electric gas smoker or a gourmet smoker to use on a daily basis.

Saving the inner nutrition 

It has been proven again and again that too much cooking can bring the nutrition level of your meal to less than 10%. Which means that your meal is all about fiver and nothing else. Not protein, nothing. Which is not something that anyone wants. So to save the inner nutrition of your food, go for smoking your food rather than deep frying it with various herbs. For cooking up your meat delicacies, you can use a leading meat smokers like Masterbuit or smoking it electric smoker at your home. These are not much expensive and I have read really good words about these smoker on popular electric smoker review sites.
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