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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Collecting hobbies - antique clocks

Collecting Antiques is a passion.  Many of these antique collections are surprisingly valuable and extremely interesting and valuable. Collecting antique clocks is one of interesting but valuable hobby. Collecting hobbies like stamps, coins or clocks are a part of our history. They reflect the ways things were. Collecting antique clocks can be very addicting!

An antique clock is unusual in the world of antiques in that it is a working piece of art, or should be in order to get the most enjoyment and value. Whether you have just one family clock, or a collection of interesting timepieces, there is much that can be learnt about the craft, particularly when some hundred years or more ago, before machine tools, just about every component of the timepiece was made by hand.

Why do people collect antique clocks?
Antique clocks do offer a lot. They were, in their time, quite sophisticated scientific instruments and certainly individual. They were usually thought of as complex instruments, they were often made by prominent scientists or designed by mathematicians, astronomers or the furniture designers of the day. Clocks were, more or less, hand built.

Clocks represent the best in furniture styles, Chippendale, Hepplewhite and Sheraton, and use the best of materials – oak, ebony, walnut, mahogany and the marquetry of the specialist cabinetmaker.
The dials were often elaborately engraved as if by the finest silversmith, the dials were indeed silvered long before electro-plating was invented. Brass decoration was gilded to demonstrate the wealth and flamboyance of the times and owner. Both cases and dials could be painted to illustrate country life, trade with the Chinese, or voyagers to the four continents. Almost all antique clocks were signed by the individual clockmaker, giving his name and the town where he made the clock. Clocks are indeed fine antiques and represent many facets of history.
Antique clocks ar more than just a good looking ornaments, it can also be very good investment. Like all antiques, antique clocks have appreciated in value, some to the point where only today's wealthy can participate.
* There are many types of antique clock and many that are still affordable today, that are available at the local antique store, flea market or web site for those plugged in.
* There is always the antique clocks of a certain time period. If you're just starting out maybe you'll want to start with those that were made in the 1920s or even break up a little further: from the 1920s and from a United States based clock maker.
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  2. So nice to see antique clocks. It shows on how the clock evolves as time goes by. Years ago, the style and art of a clock at home also shows the family social status.


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